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0004961unrealircdpublic2017-08-10 08:35
ReporterGottem Assigned Tosyzop  
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Fixed in Version4.0.13 
Summary0004961: m_tkl ban_too_broad() logic errors
DescriptionI was messing around with a module and noticed sometimes checks inside ban_too_broad() never trigger because the conditions around it contain some errors. Or the function returns an incorrect value.

/zline *@
This should be considered too broad, but Unreal happily accepts it. This is due to:

for (p = hostmask; *p; p++)
    if (*p != '*' && *p != '.' && *p != '?')
if (cnt >= 4)
    return 0;

It doesn't take into account the CIDR notation at the end, and "8000" satisfies the if() so it returns 0 too soon.

/zline *@/24

Should be considered incorrect to begin with, but Unreal ends up saying it's "too broad" (earlier if() is false since cnt = 3 now). Except the /24 would actually be not-too-broad. This is due to:
if (strchr(hostmask, ':')) {
    if (cidrlen < 48)
        return 0; /* too broad IPv6 CIDR mask */
} else {
    if (cidrlen < 16)
        return 0; /* too broad IPv4 CIDR mask */

A cidrlen of /8 is indeed broader than /24, so it should return 1 here (same goes for IPv6). Alternatively, reverse only the conditions and do cidrlen >= 48 and cidrlen >= 16 instead.

/zline *@

Happily accepted as well. I noticed _match_user() does check for the validity of the cidrlen, but it doesn't throw a visible error. It just returns "nomatch" silently whenever a user is checked against tklines.

/gline *@
Hmm, a G:Line with a CIDR mask, seems like that should be rejected. :>
Additional InformationQuite a wall of text, hope "you can make chocolate out of it" once I press submit. =]
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2017-08-10 08:32

administrator   ~0019810

Thanks, fixed! :)

( As for the setting of invalid-never-matching-bans... I'm OK with leaving that in for now, just like with +b.. it simply won't match. )


2017-08-10 08:35

administrator   ~0019811

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By the way, just FYI: a GLINE with a CIDR mask is OK. You can use a hostname or IP (or CIDR) in GLINE.

The difference between a GLINE/KLINE and GZLINE/ZLINE is that the latter is enforced immediately after connect() before accepting any data. While the former only after USER and NICK have been received.. and a possible SSL/TLS handshake has been finished.
It can still be useful to use IP's in GZLINE/ZLINE because otherwise SSL/TLS users may not see the ban reason, although this may depend on the client.

^^ should probably document that better somewhere... but where.

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