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0004980unrealircdpublic2017-09-08 07:42
Reportermarco500 Assigned Tosyzop  
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
PlatformUnreal 4.0.12OSUbuntuOS VersionUbuntu 16.04
Product Version4.0.12 
Fixed in Version4.0.14 
Summary0004980: +N is not allowed for modes-on-connect even with the module noinvites added..
DescriptionThere is a module I have called No invites that uses usermode +N. I want to add that to modes-on-connect but it gives on error for +N. Please change to allow for +N to be added there... Thanks pooh bear..
Steps To ReproduceJust adding +N on modes-on-connect and you will see sexy..
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3rd party modules



2017-09-06 08:56

administrator   ~0019838

Could it be that your noinvites module doesn't add the usermode in MOD_INIT()?
If it adds it in MOD_LOAD() then it will be "too late", since set_usermodes() is already called from the code handing set::modes-on-connect.


2017-09-07 08:09

developer   ~0019841

Nah, m_noinvite does add it inside MOD_INIT. The problem lies here (src/s_conf:7654):

for (p = cep->ce_vardata; *p; p++)
    if (strchr("oOaANCrzSgHhqtW", *p)) {
        config_error("%s:%i: set::modes-on-connect may not include mode '%c'",

Notice how +N is contained in the first arg of strchr(). =]


2017-09-07 15:01

reporter   ~0019842

If Gottem knew how to code this would have NEVER HAPPENED!! sigh.


2017-09-08 07:42

administrator   ~0019843

Just in time for 4.0.14-rc1

commit 461ce8016ae240dd4dea27e9d58de06db4c1575f
Author: Bram Matthys <>
Date: Fri Sep 8 07:39:56 2017 +0200

    Some modes in set::modes-on-connect gave an error. These were
    old user modes such as +N and +A that were previously forbidden but
    may nowadays be (re-)used by 3rd party modules.
    Reported by marco500 (0004980).

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