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0004982unrealircdpublic2017-08-09 14:30
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Fixed in Version4.0.13 
Summary0004982: Strict Transport Security CAP
DescriptionPretty much just a heads-up: people have been working on an STS policy implementation for IRCv3[1], set for v3.3 it looks like. I realise it's still in draft status, hence the low priority and this being just a heads-up. =] You can follow development on Github[2] though.

I'm fairly certain a lot of people would like to see this implemented in Unreal (eventually), as there's little to no use for plaintext connections anymore in this day and age.

For a list of clients and servers that support it as of yet, check references [3] and [4]. Just look for a row with "draft/sts". Sidenote: I also noticed [4] only seems to account for Unreal 3.x, not sure if there's anything you can do to rectify that though.
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2017-08-09 10:14

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Yeah, I agree, wish to support this. I use STS on all my websites but IRC has been lacking support for this.. even worse, IRC is used to self-signed certificates which only prevent passive attacks, not active.
Ah well. No need to write more.. the usefulness and purpose is clear :D


2017-08-09 14:30

administrator   ~0019808

draft/sts support is now added :)

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