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0005011unrealircdpublic2017-10-07 09:03
Reportermarco500 Assigned Tosyzop  
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
PlatformunrealOSlinux sexy dogggOS Versionubuntu linux
Product Version4.0.14 
Fixed in Version4.0.16 
Summary0005011: move some settings from config.h to the conf
Descriptionmove fakelag, maxunknownconnectionsperip, and connection timeout from config.h to the conf
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2017-09-27 23:30

reporter   ~0019888

Personally I would also consider moving PREFIX_AQ to the config as well, so users can choose if they want the full PREFIX=~&@%+(qaohv) or the minimal PREFIX=@%+(ohv) - as U3 used to do, the qa modes would still exist, but would not give out a mode symbol for those letters.


2017-10-07 08:47

administrator   ~0019891

[unreal40 d6acbf6] Move MAXUNKNOWNCONNECTIONSPERIP to set::max-unknown-connections-per-ip. Rarely tweaked setting, but for those who need it it's easier in the conf. Requested by marco500 (0005011). For documentation of this setting see:

[unreal40 7a33a2c] Move CONNECTTIMEOUT to set::handshake-timeout and clarify the setting at Requested by marco500 in 0005011.


2017-10-07 09:00

administrator   ~0019892

Last edited: 2017-10-07 09:03

I've moved some of the requested settings to the config file. Hope you're happy with that.

I did not move fakelag. This is a very dangerous setting which basically disables the most important security measure the IRCd has. When adding this we made the decision to put it in config.h to extra highlight this. I still agree with that.

As for PREFIX_AQ. I really don't like non-prefixaq where +q and +a still exist but not the symbol. It's highly confusing. Back when preparing 4.0.0 we considered two options: put a lot of effort in moving +qa to a module (not just the symbol, but the entire mode AND symbols) or just making PREFIX_AQ mandator for everyone. Since moving the stuff to a module was wayyyy to much work and it wouldn't satisfy people (like you) who want +qa but not as a symbol, we left it as an #ifdef. So, I guess that's a sortof "you should be happy it's still there as an option". And yeah, don't worry I won't pull it out in some next release
Anyway, another argument is that you should really set this setting on or off and stick by it and implement it network-wide. It's not good to change it dynamically, which is where the configuration file is for.

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