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0005016unrealircdpublic2019-07-12 00:13
ReporterAmiga600 Assigned Toargvx  
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Fixed in Version5.0.0-alpha1 
Summary0005016: Ability to Hide OS Version in /VERSION
DescriptionUnreal<ver> <server> <flags> [ (this bit here) =2311]

Realistically end users do not need to know such information
Perhaps have the ability to fully hide the Complete OS information?
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3rd party modules


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2017-11-01 10:20

administrator   ~0019938

It would be possible.
I must say I like it for statistics, though :D

Is it really a concern?


2017-11-01 11:31

reporter   ~0019943

Well most people tend to frown or make a fuss if its hosted on Windows, and then leave.

I cant understand why people have this sorta attitude towards the OS but they do, Personally I do not care what OS anything runs on.


2019-07-08 09:04

administrator   ~0020765

The bit you are referring to... the OS name. That only shows up for opers, otherwise it is a * (asterisk). I don't think you mean to hide it for opers, right? Or did you?

The only thing users can see is that there is a 'W' in the serveropts. Although I doubt people know about that. And it only indicates Windows, nothing very specific. You will always be able to use fingerprinting to differentiate *NIX and Windows...

So, if my hunch is right, you probably thought the OS name was shown to regular users, now that you know this is not the case.. this can probably be closed? Let me know...


2019-07-08 13:48

reporter   ~0020769

Well if normal users cannot see the full version and only the "W" then I guess it would be good to hide that, although the last guy we had on said he did a port scan of the server, so it must return something from that

The only thing what should ever be returned is just the name and version number imo, anything else is too much information, eg. "Unreal4.2.3"


2019-07-08 15:50

administrator   ~0020771

Ok, let's change the issue to hiding that indeed:

The serveropts should no longer be shown to regular users, instead show something like 0 (zero). Only opers will see the real serveropts.
In the past showing serveropts to users had some use, one could see if a spying module was installed and all that, nowadays you cannot tell the difference so it's effectively useless.


2019-07-09 01:10

reporter   ~0020773

I backup this Ability to Hide OS Version in /VERSION
The less users know about the OS the less info of potential malicious uses it be target of.

This ability should be optional. (on/off)

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