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Summary0005054: Documentation Errors / Minor Issues
DescriptionWith the "extbans/msgbypass" module, "filter" is actually "censor", but written on the forum/wiki as "filter":

Under the "Class Block" section in you have "nofakelag;" listed standalone, which is not right, it can only be options { nofakelag; };, I also think that this should be, by default configurable and users should not have to edit the source, as a recompile is required. If it is disabled by default and can only be abled by adding the line to the class block, what harm is done?

Under the section you have:
        hosts {
                admin "";
                netadmin "";
Which I don't think is even a setting, and if it is, the documentation in the Set Block is missing for these. Seems like something controlled under the oper class block maybe instead?

I reported this before but I'll state it again, even with the m_admin module disabled, the admin {}; block is still required, which should not be.

Lastly, the "config.settings" file generated after "./Config" has a few options that arent listed with any documentation as to what they are:
Any information on these would be great for advanced users.
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2018-03-25 13:38

administrator   ~0020069

Last edited: 2018-03-25 13:40

Thanks, I've fixed the ~m:censor to be ~m:filter.

I see Gottem fixed the docs for the nofakelag stuff.

As for configuration syntax.. it is true that those settings don't exist anymore, but then again they are in the 'syntax' section.. so.. I don't know? Is it really that bad? Well, we could replace it with some other real examples I guess.

m_admin yeah I think that bug report is still open

As for config.settings.. it's true that those variables are not explained anywhere. On the other hand if you run ./Config or more likely ./Config -advanced you will get a good description about those settings. Don't you agree? Or what do you think should be improved... a reference to ./Config -advanced somewhere? Right now it's only in ./Config -help I believe.

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