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0005118unrealircdpublic2019-12-28 09:43
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Fixed in Version4.2.0 
Summary0005118: tell ircd NOT to load a module
DescriptionIt might be useful to put in the conf a statement that tells UnrealIRCd NOT to load a module (and it shouldn't matter where this is put, if ANY config file contains ANY blacklisting of the mod, it will not be loaded).

In Linux (and presumably elsewhere) this is called blacklisting and the syntax is:
blacklist driver-name

Obviously, in our case "blacklist" has a different meaning. It is already used by the DNSBL blacklist module. So another name should be used. Something with a similar strong meaning. For example, "unload" is not strong enough and would raise questions whether the order would matter (which shouldn't). The term "blacklist" is clear with regards to that.. it clearly means never ever load this. So.. hmm.. something like that.

Downsides of this feature would be questions like "I added loadmodule but it does not load the module??". But I think the pro's outweight the con's.. especially since this probably won't be used much by beginners.
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3rd party modules



2018-07-14 17:29

administrator   ~0020214

Possible useful synonyms for "blacklist" (and 2nd order synonyms):

exclude, prohibit, refuse, reject, snub, withhold, boycott, purge

blacklist-module exclude-module prohibit-module refuse-module reject-module snub-module withhold-module boycott-module

I think the refuse, reject and prohibit would imply us having to print out an error when an attempt is made to load it anyway. So not good.

blacklist-module and exclude-module sound good to me. I guess it will be just blacklist-module to keep in line with other programs :D


2018-07-16 14:30

reporter   ~0020218

What about something like:

deny loadmodule {

As we use 'loadmodule "modulename";' I think this makes sense also :D



2018-09-02 11:04

administrator   ~0020241

Last edited: 2018-09-02 11:05

Before I close this, just to explain why I didn't choose deny loadmodule:
There's something to say in favor of this, since it is indeed 'loadmodule' to load modules so a 'deny loadmodule' sounds nice.
On the other hand I didn't choose this because I think the 'deny' part would be confusing. It would (in my view) imply that we will throw an error if an attempt is made to load such a module.
So I went for blacklist-module instead. The hyphen is a bit non-standard, but ah well..


2018-09-02 11:05

administrator   ~0020242

Added in 4.0.19.

Current release notes read:
* New option to disable a module: blacklist-module "modulename";
  This will cause any 'loadmodule' lines for that module to be ignored.
  This is especially useful if you only want to disable a few modules
  that are (normally) automatically loaded by conf/modules.default.conf.

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