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0000518unrealircdpublic2004-02-03 19:03
Reportermcskaf Assigned Tocodemastr 
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
PlatformIntel i686OSWindowsOS VersionXP Pro
Product Version3.2-beta13 
Summary0000518: /sajoin problems with channel modes +bilk
DescriptionThe sajoin command should check target channel modes to see if the command can succeed before executing it. As it is the ircd doesn't give any feedback to the net admin when the forced user fails to join because of a channel mode.
Steps To Reproduce1) Be a net admin and a channel op.
2) Set channel to invite only, limited to 1 client, set a key, and ban a user.
3) Use /sajoin command to force a user to join the channel.

Additional InformationAs the net admin you will get a notice like: *** Notice -- ferd used SAJOIN to make ferd2 join #limbo but ferd2 won't join. ferd2 will get a notice like: *** You were forced to join #limbo. This will be followed by an error message like: #limbo can't join channel (address is banned).
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2002-12-11 00:53

reporter   ~0000827

This will be difficult if not "impossible" to do, but I'll look into it.


2003-02-08 00:04

administrator   ~0001446

*bump*. This is the original bugreport, the same was suggested by TimeFx (THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!) reported ~2 weeks ago.


2004-02-01 05:45

reporter   ~0004837

I think I'll do this for sajoin but not svsjoin. Reason is, svsjoin is commonly used for "autojoin lists" so that would mean, I'm banned from #chan so all I have to do is add to my NS autojoin list and I can get around that.



2004-02-01 11:20

reporter   ~0004838

codemastr: my solution was, in my operjoin module, to add a new variable (aClient *) as a parameter to the do_join function, which points to the sender of the sajoin command, or NULL in the case of a normal join, and it wasn't difficult and works well. Just an idea.


2004-02-03 19:03

reporter   ~0004858

Fixed in .2070

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