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0005186unrealircdpublic2019-01-01 19:37
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Summary0005186: Spamfilter exceptions
DescriptionThe action of spamfilter is sometimes undesirable when the offender uses a shared account on a server, or when the spam message is repeated by a relay bot (that is trusted). Because of these reasons, two options should be helpful:
1. Allow adding exceptions for spamfilter. Users matching any of the provided masks should not be checked about spamfilters. Example config entry for that:
except spamfilter {
    action u;
    mask *@*;
    mask *@*;
except spamfilter {
    action cpnN;
    mask *;
except spamfilter {
    mask *; // any action

2. Allow setting ident bans by spamfilter. This would cause "GLINE *@" or "GZLINE *@" to become "GLINE user@" and "ZLINE *@" to become "KLINE user@", but won't do anything to users with ~username.
set {
    options {
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