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0005206unrealircdpublic2019-02-10 11:15
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Product Version4.2.2-rc1 
Summary0005206: Usermodes in clientclasses
DescriptionMoving usermode-on-connect:"";and usermode-on-oper: ""; from set to client classes.

This would allow administrators to set class-specific usermodes, such as denying +x for a tor only class.
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3rd party modules



2019-02-10 11:15

reporter   ~0020487

Very good feature suggestion, I've wanted to see that myself as well for a while. Perhaps even better is one global usermode-on-connect and one per client class that overrides the default one. Useful if one wishes to temp. use anti flooding usermodes like the noinvite 3rd party umode +N for everyone and just changing one setting instead of having to do it in all client classes. Also usermode-on-oper same deal, one global option overridden per client class. (I have no idea how difficult it would be to implement like this).



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