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0005220unrealmodule apipublic2019-04-22 20:55
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Product Version4.2.2 
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Summary0005220: Module can't check set block values when testing own configuration that depends on them
DescriptionI've ran into this problem two times, trying to check the value of set::options::identd-check and set::topic-length (btw, this one is not documented). No real workaround exists, i have either given up the checking, or required a /rehash immediately after starting.
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2019-03-03 12:15

administrator   ~0020527

You mean you cannot check current settings during MOD_TEST? Yeah I'm afraid not really solvable, as only in MOD_INIT values get set, and MOD_TEST is before that.
We do have a certain order during INIT, such as that set { } blocks get read first, etc. etc, but this does not help you for the MOD_TEST case.

The usual workaround is to do adjustments in MOD_LOAD that need to be done post-config-reading. If it's important enough then you can raise a warning there. But yes, you can only warn, not error.

I must say that in 99% of the cases it is unnecessary or unimportant, even after years of coding, to "really need" this.
For example the 1st case, topic length thing you mention, was only for checking some limit in fake channels, well.. not really important if it exceeded the soft limit. No man overboard.
I don't know about your other case, the identd check case, of course :)


2019-04-22 20:55

administrator   ~0020595

There's no solution for this.

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