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0005235unrealircdpublic2019-03-23 16:58
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Product Version4.2.2 
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Summary0005235: Listen Block Rehash Issue
DescriptionIf you start the ircd with the listen blocks bound to an IP and then change the listen blocks to listen on all "*" and rehash the ircd, nothing changes /stats P still reports it is bound to those IPs and not listening on all. There is no errors or warnings produced by the ircd as well.
Steps To Reproduce1. Set listen blocks to be bound to IPs
2. Start IRCd
3. Check /stats P you will see the ircd bound on the IPs
3. Change listen blocks to listen on all "*"
4. /rehash IRCd
5. Run /stats P again and you will see nothing has changed and the ircd is still bound to the ips and not listening on all
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