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0005256unrealircdpublic2023-09-06 19:02
Reportersyzop Assigned Tosyzop  
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Target Version6.1.2-rc1Fixed in Version6.1.2-rc1 
Summary0005256: test online users against blacklist after a while
DescriptionI think it can be an useful practice to check connected users to the DNSBL's as well after a while. For example after 20 minutes.
So, based on the connect time, and preferably some "spreading" as to not load the DNS server(s) too much.

This may help when with the case where drone users slowly connect (to bypass connthrottle) and linger online for a while to get reputation. In the meantime, if the same drone list is active on other networks they may be catched (eg: by an active scanner) and submitted to DroneBL. A subsequent lookup would then reveal that the user is a drone.

I'm not sure how often this happens currently. It is a common thing with spam (eg: in a a spamassassin setting), but...
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3rd party modules



2023-07-07 13:22

administrator   ~0022942

With spam of nowadays, this is likely a good idea ;)


2023-07-07 15:38

administrator   ~0022943

This is now done in third/blacklistrecheck. I will of course need to add this in 6.1.2 itself, it's not hard, just wanted something quick for people :)

(Also, to be honest i have not actually verified that it works or has no bugs like race conditions or the like)


2023-07-07 16:35

administrator   ~0022944

Syzop: any way I could exclude a dnsbl from the blacklistrecheck ?
I have one that has some quotas
or have a manual trigger...


2023-08-27 08:57

administrator   ~0023006

Bump for myself. The third/blacklistrecheck thing was done, which was useful, but still need to add this in (what will be) UnrealIRCd 6.1.2


2023-09-06 19:02

administrator   ~0023010

Did not test (!)

commit bcc07b15915becedb13a227f67524550aad4bf2b (HEAD -> unreal60_dev, origin/unreal60_dev, origin/HEAD)
Author: Bram Matthys <[email protected]>
Date: Wed Sep 6 16:31:55 2023 +0200

    Integrate third/blacklistrecheck functionality (set::blacklist::recheck-time)

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