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0005270unrealircdpublic2019-05-11 18:13
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PlatformUnixOSUbuntuOS Version18.04 LTS
Product Version4.2.3 
Summary0005270: [Feature] 3rd party modules that could make it way to core
DescriptionHere's a list of Gottem modules that could *probably* be added to the core as they provide quite good enhancements/features. Some will have my own comments and others don't need presentation as the module name says all.

Here we go:

 - When a user /deopers himself/herself makes no sense to stay in oper-only channels

 - The name says all: anti mass highlight spam, widely used by spambots

 - If we can specify a nick length lower than X characters why not to impose also a minimum length?

 - Prevents people from repeating their own messages again and again

 - Goes inline with 4, probably better?

 - This is pretty useful, when using single server networks with no services as example

 - Old auditorium mode into core!

 - Impose certain restrictions on /LIST usage, especially to users recently connected. Good against spambots

 - Disallow new clients trying to send private messages until exceeding a certain timeout. Probably enhanced with this request:

 - Name says all

 - For those tired of notices xD



 - Possible enhancement to allow blocks to allow us to tag some public services, such as IRCCloud as example

 - Why don't we have this yet?

 - Seems very useful right?

 - Looks something very useful too

And... That's it!

Additional InformationI'd like to see people opinion about the list of modules I've provided and vote for those that should have preference to be included in the core.

I've suggested the ones that I think that would be most useful.

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3rd party modules



2019-05-11 17:18

reporter   ~0020656

There are only a few modules I would recommend to be added to the core. With the current setup of 3rd party modules it gives the admins an option to install the added functionality, and this is very very easy to do. Also there is only one active dev at the moment and this would up their work load a bit and maintaining the code over time, this is now on the module devs and not the core dev. Just my thoughts on the subject :)

1. m_block_masshighlight (lots of spam floats around that mass highlights and not all clients have the option to block)
2. m_storetkl (as mentioned above good for people with only one server available to them)
3. m_auditorium (i know many servers who refuse to upgrade from 3.2 because this feature is missing)
4. m_message_commonchans (can help fight spam and keep things a bit more private for users)


2019-05-11 17:34

reporter   ~0020658

I agree with this and i will provide (based my opinion) which modules i've found useful to be in core:

I personally know a lot of servers that using (the most) of the following list as 3rd party, so that means that are most wanted :D

1. m_nick_minlen
2. m_storetkl
3. m_message_commonchans
4. m_pmdelay
5. m_joinmute
6. m_sacmds
7. m_tklexcept
8. m_kickjoindelay
9. m_chansno
10. m_noinvite

- Thanks!


2019-05-11 18:07

reporter   ~0020659

Also something else that i think about it, i saw in lot of projects (especially non IRC based) that is hosted on GIT side, they all having an extra branch like "3rd_modules" or what ever the name is, that any coder can place there his module and let it be in the next release in 3rd_party part folder, so that means if a user wanna load an extra 3rd party module he can easy with 1 loadmodule ""; line in the .conf

Also this would be more safe for users that are scary to use 3rd party module but they want, because if there are more than 1 coder in that branch he can check and see the other module and apply a new pull request for a fix or something that will make it better, so the user can be more safe to load that module also because it will be in the core 3rd party modules folder too, at the end even a dev can check that module if he want too, it would be more coders-friendly because now there are public + private gits everywhere so that makes the user harder to check for updates or new modules and etc.

Also this is gonna be more stable, because if all 3rd party modules are gonna be in one official place under a new branch , other codes can help other codes and sharing opinions about anything, also this may give the opportunity to cooperate between coder and other coder to create something together in future.

I really wanna hear your opinions about that.. :) :D


2019-05-11 18:13

reporter   ~0020660

I like westor's git branch idea would probably work better then porting over x number of 3rd party modules to the unrealircd core and possibly upping the dev's work load to maintain the ported modules. I know personally I refuse to use 3rd party modules from random git sites and random countries, if they were all in a branch and have the core unrealircd devs able to look at things and be able to comment on things as well as other module coders would definitely open up a more stable and cohesive solution for users. I think it would also pave a way for even more 3rd party modules as it would be easier to go about it I think.

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