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0005329unrealtestspublic2020-02-08 10:33
Reportersyzop Assigned Tosyzop  
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Target Version5.0.1Fixed in Version5.0.0 
Summary0005329: U5: buildbot enhancements
DescriptionBuildbot is looking good on U5 now. We have ub18, deb8, deb9, deb10, fbsd and w10.

What I want more is:
* clang builds, preferably for all *NIX. I'm thinking of a separate builder with a -clang suffix, like unreal5-ub18-clang. Probably via a separate build account and then use locking. This means the -clang builds will run after gcc, which sounds good to me, I think adding another 6+ VM's just for clang would be excessive :D
* test with specific openssl versions, via a custom path. This basically tests both at the same time (specifying openssl path) and makes it easy to test old openssl versions that we still may want to support. That being said, old openssl versions are also tested automatically via the many OS's.
* we're only testing ubuntu 18 at the moment. we should also test the older long running LTS, ub16, and latest ubuntu.. which is ub19 at the time of writing and ub20 next year.
* any other OS's? yeah.. OS X... but.. :D
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2019-07-12 20:15

administrator   ~0020774

Also add at least 1 openbsd


2019-08-10 11:31

administrator   ~0020801

I think clang is still missing.. definitely need this soon.


2019-08-15 14:37

administrator   ~0020815

clang was added. Left to do are: ub19 and.. well.. os x would be nice but probably too much effort for me to install.


2019-08-18 15:54

administrator   ~0020831

It isn't entirely clear to me if the buildbot website could safely be made public or not. There are a few around that are public, but others have been pulled... making me suspicious about it.
Anyway, have a look at that..


2019-08-22 17:56

administrator   ~0020839

oh, quite important: currently buildbot on Windows is not running the test framework!
This because I use a bash script, so either use mingw or whatever or rewrite it.


2019-08-28 07:25

administrator   ~0020861

Buildbot on Windows is now also running the test framework (since yesterday). It uses a very similar script in unrealircd-tests, it's just called "runwin" rather than "run"
It does not run cipherscan at the moment, which it should.
Also, should split off the tests to a separate buildbot step so it's clear compilation went ok.


2019-10-06 08:01

administrator   ~0020940

Only leaving this open for cipherscan on Windows.


2020-02-08 10:33

administrator   ~0021294

You know what.. I am going to mark this as resolved. This is about buildbot after all which works fine.

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