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0005337unrealircdpublic2019-11-27 10:40
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Fixed in Version5.0.0-alpha3 
Summary0005337: Floodprot additions
Description<~Syzop> your floodprot, from what I read in the description, sounds nice, the action 'D' (i would make that 'd'), and the floodtype 'r'
<~Syzop> personally, I made a norepeat a long time ago, and it uses a checksum of last message, rather than saving the entire message.
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2019-08-10 19:27

developer   ~0020806

Dunz0. =]

Floodtype r: handles per-user repeated message in the specified timespan, keeps track of the last message and the one before that
Action d: only supported by floodtypes 't' and 'r', drops messages instead of banning people (using the ERR_CANNOTSENDTOCHAN numeric)

The new floodtype also watches for CTCP, ACTION stuff and notices, since all of those are still just PRIVMSGs to be handled by the PRE_CHANMSG hook. :D

For hashing the message I just ripped some stuff from src/ssl.c's spki_fingerprint() function, so it produces a base64-encoded SHA256 checksum. :>


2019-08-18 15:41

administrator   ~0020828

I still have to play with this. And we need a test for it :)
Also I was thinking maybe a slightly faster hashing algo and less allocing etc, but.. don't worry about that ;p.


2019-09-09 20:37

developer   ~0020879

Looks like you did the hashing and less allocing things, did you get around to writing a test or nah? :D


2019-09-21 19:25

administrator   ~0020918

Code looks good now, but indeed.. we would need a test for it :)
There's none now.


2019-11-27 10:40

administrator   ~0021117

There's now a test for it. Fixed some bugs and all looks good now!
Any new bugs are handled in new bug reports anyway..

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