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0005502unrealircdpublic2020-09-28 08:51
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Summary0005502: Add "*" to spamfilter to cover all available targets
DescriptionRight now, if we want to make use of all targets in a spamfilter, we need to specify them all manually, with:
/SPAMFILTER add -simple cpnNPqdatu block - reason_of_the_filter *spam*filter*text*

To simplify a bit the life of admins/ircops when adding a spamfilter (as most of the time we want it to cover all targets), would be nice to have the ability to use "*", like:
/SPAMFILTER add -simple * block - reason_of_the_filter *spam*filter*text*

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2020-09-28 08:51

administrator   ~0021781

With the same logic as ELINE, I don't think it is a good idea, it makes it too easy to add an entry that unexpectedly matches something, from example 'u', and who knows what is added later.

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