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0005526unrealircdpublic2021-11-01 10:45
Reporterwestor Assigned Tosyzop  
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Product Version5.0.1 
Fixed in Version6.0.0-beta1 
Summary0005526: Add "cipher" information in /whois under RPL_WHOISSECURE

It would be nice to see the cipher value displayed in /whois (as certfp has) under RPL_WHOISSECURE, i saw that there is "tls_get_cipher(client->local->ssl)" but i don't know if this is only working for on local server only to create a new PR.

Also i cannot see any security or privacy issue by adding this feature, correct me if i am wrong.

- Thanks!
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2021-11-01 10:45

administrator   ~0022147

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Thanks for the suggestion, this option is added in U6.

By default only self and oper can see 'full' details while everyone else sees the usual 'limited' information. This can, however, be changed, see 'secure' in

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