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0005531unrealircdpublic2020-11-27 17:24
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Summary0005531: Option to deny/allow channels on the fly
DescriptionThis all started because of this:
<@Jobe> ammusingly enough in ircu you can gline channel names

Which gave me the following idea:
Since we have "deny channel" block would be nice to have some kind of option to do the same in the spamfilter.

My thoughts were to have something like this:
/SPMAFILTER add -simple C redirect #helpop The_official_help_channel_is_#help #help

In the above command, we have a new type: C for channel name, a redirect option and the target channel.
Other actions such as block, tempshun should work as they work until now.

I also thought in having a specific command like:
/DENYCHAN #channel #redirect_channel/- reason

On this command, the second parameter is the #channel to be redirect to or none if "-" is given.

I assume that we would need the counterpart somehow (the allow channel option) to be implemented also.
My idea for spamfilter is:
/SPAMFILTER add -simple C allow - Official_help_channel #help

As for a separated command:
/ALLOWCHAN #channel - reason
(I've kept the "-" since we would be using this syntax in the denychan command)

I'm just requesting this, as this would be a handy way to allow admins to allow/deny channels on the fly without the need to edit config files and therefore speed up the way admins would be able to deny a channel reported as a warez channel or something like that.

Additional Information### Here's a snippet of the IRC discussion that made me open this feature request ###

12:52:36 <@Jobe> ammusingly enough in ircu you can gline channel names
12:52:45 <@Jobe> which stops people joining matching channels
12:54:14 <@Jobe> ofc if you want some real confusion in ircu then you should know that a gline can be set on a single server only, or globally
12:54:25 <@Jobe> for the former you can even set said gline on a remote server
12:54:53 <@Jobe> ofc the extra /gline param that makes all that happen confuses a lot of new ircu ircops
12:55:24 <@Jobe> cause if you dont include the extra param, then it sets a local only gline, (similar to unreals /kline)
12:55:35 <PeGaSuS> o.O
12:55:57 <PeGaSuS> then isn't a true G-Line
12:56:12 <PeGaSuS> G(lobal)-Line
12:56:15 <PeGaSuS> xD
12:59:19 <PeGaSuS> but actually you gave me an idea to make a feature request on the bug tracker xD
13:00:57 <PeGaSuS> but now I'm on the phone, so I'll make it later.
13:02:52 <PeGaSuS> basically is a new type in spamfilter to "disable" channels on the fly.. probably something like: /SPAMFILTER add -simple C block - This_channel_cannot_be_registered #channel
13:03:02 <PeGaSuS> or something along those lines :>
13:06:23 <@Jobe> basically a channel name type
13:06:43 <PeGaSuS> or a /denychan command that would work like
13:07:04 <@Jobe> think id prefer spamfilter tbh
13:07:06 <@Jobe> far more flexible
13:07:32 <PeGaSuS> like: /denychan #channel --reason reason --redirect #otherchannel
13:08:10 <PeGaSuS> would be a neat idea, right? having that kind of spamfilter/command?
13:08:21 <@Jobe> well
13:08:31 <@Jobe> dont think --reason and --redirect are needed
13:08:42 <@Jobe> channel names cant contain spaces
13:08:58 <@Jobe> so perhaps second param as redirect target, or "-" for none, and third onwards as reason
13:09:17 <@Jobe> also allowing a redirect to "0" :P
13:09:39 <PeGaSuS> oh.. so, /denychan #channel #other/- Channel can't be registered/used
13:10:07 <PeGaSuS> that could work
13:10:45 <PeGaSuS> I'll suggest both in the bug tracker. then if they decide to implement it, they can choose one or even both :)
13:10:52 <@Jobe> or even better
13:11:06 <@Jobe> seeing as the redirect channel needs to be a valid channel name
13:11:12 <@Jobe> it could just be an optional param
13:11:20 <@Jobe> if it starts with a #, then assume redirect target
13:11:22 <@Jobe> else assume reason
13:11:38 <PeGaSuS> great idea, Jobe
13:13:35 <PeGaSuS> on the spamfilter could be something like: /SPAMFILTER add -simple C redirect #channel reason_goes_here #blocked_channel
13:16:54 <PeGaSuS> older actions would work as the same. so if gline was specified as action, the users joining said channel would be G-Lined
13:18:30 <PeGaSuS> but in this case we'd have a new type (C, for channel name), a new action (redirect), and instead of time, a channel name to be redirected
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2020-11-27 17:24

administrator   ~0021836

Yeah, something with spamfilter sounds fine. It's not even that much work.

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