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0005543unrealircdpublic2021-11-01 10:39
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Fixed in Version6.0.0-beta1 
Summary0005543: U6: make extbans use names instead of letters
DescriptionThis so ~q becomes ~quiet, ~S becomes ~certfp, and so on. This makes it a lot more clearer to users what an extban does. There is also no (real) technical restriction that prevents us from going this route.
This was an UnrealIRCd 5 goal but it was dropped in August 2019 because doing it was incompatible with the release schedule. I would still like to see it done, though.

The EXTBANS 005 token uses the extban letters, so that one should probably be changed.
There will be a compatibility layer for input, so ~q becomes auto-converted to ~quiet. And ~t:5:~q:~c:#chan becomes ~time:5:~quiet:~channel:#chan (presumably). This is for clients.
To maintain server/services compatibility we will also have an output layer I suppose, which converts it back again to the short form (~t:5:..).

We should also redo the extban API at the same time. Both to make it easier to handle this transition but also because the current extban API is messy. In particular two things: 1) the chaining-bit (~t:5:~q:~c: etc) but even more 2) the eating/skipping of the prefix (eg ~t) which is unnecessary and causes ugly fake prefixing internally of "?~:" and such.
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2020-01-26 07:32

administrator   ~0021255

Also include the more general thoughts about extbans and user properties as a whole, the proposed extensions from January, and so on.
And naturally all of this also affects the extended server bans. I pondered waiting with the latter until this was done but this is too far away and if we can do an extended ban transition we can do an extended server ban transition as well :)


2021-11-01 10:38

administrator   ~0022144

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Done in U6 and can declassify the history of this ;)

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