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0005548unrealircdpublic2020-02-06 17:19
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Summary0005548: Logging format of user@host and in oper notices
DescriptionAt various places we show a nickname with user@host in a notice or logging. Eg:
sendto_snomask(SNO_FNICKCHANGE, "*** %s (%s@%s) has changed their nickname to %s"
    client->name, client->user->username, client->user->realhost, nick);
It would be better to replace it with a function that returns %s (%s@%s), like:
sendto_snomask(SNO_FNICKCHANGE, "*** %s has changed their nickname to %s"
    something(user), nick);

And then it will be configurable if the format should be "nick (user@host)", "nick (user@ip)" or "nick (user@host) [ip]" or something else. etc. <- no these are not final thoughts, but just to get the idea
eg via set::log-whatever-some-nice-name [userhost|userip|somethingelse]; <- again, not the final name :D

This so we can have a uniform way to communicate user information in logs and oper notices.
The function is not meant to be used for sending notices (or other information) to non-ircops.

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2020-02-06 17:17

reporter   ~0021286

I think it's better for IRC Operators to see the user@host because if somebody is changing their nick every few seconds, it's not necessarily easy to type /whois <nickanme> to find his hostmask so you can apply some kind of corrective action on them. Just my two cents :)


2020-02-06 17:19

reporter   ~0021287

OK Ignore my comment - if we make it a set::option then it's good - the Opreator gets to choose. I vote thumbs up :)

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