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0000056unrealircdpublic2004-02-11 03:48
Reporterdimplesx Assigned Tocodemastr 
Status resolvedResolutionwont fix 
Product Version3.2-beta6 
Summary0000056: remote /restart doesn't work
DescriptionWhen you try to do a remote /restart or /die, all you get is a "Password Incorrect".
Steps To ReproduceLink some servers, do a remote /die or /restart.
Additional InformationThe syntax stated, /restart <server> <password>, does not work, neither do /restart <password> <server>.
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3rd party modules



2002-01-31 18:53

reporter   ~0000085

Well the part about remote /die is a typo, remote /die is not supported, but I'll look into the part about the /restart.


2002-01-31 19:27

reporter   ~0000086

ok, there's a bug in the report to say it that way; the /die has no <server> syntax in help.conf... sorry :|


2003-04-29 02:09

administrator   ~0002551

confirmed btw. the command doesn't even get send to other servers.

[w00t old bug btw ;p... /restart still sucks atm anyway]


2004-01-25 23:22

reporter   ~0004771



2004-01-27 23:57

reporter   ~0004772

Ok :) o yeah codemastr check ur email if u get a chance


2004-02-01 19:14

reporter   ~0004846

Hmm, what am I checking my email for?


2004-02-01 19:17

reporter   ~0004847

Last edited: 2004-02-01 19:19

Well i sent an email to ya when u sent out the stuff about the /credits files, just wanted to know if ya got it. i sent from my lyote email address :P

edited on: 02-01-04 19:19


2004-02-05 23:15

reporter   ~0004887

Oh yes I got that email...

Anyway, thinking this over it seems the possible syntaxes should be:
/restart <pass>
/restart <server> <pass>
/restart <pass> <reason>
/restart <reason>
/restart <server> <pass> <reason>
/restart <server> <reason>
/restart <server>

Am I missing any?


2004-02-05 23:25

administrator   ~0004888

I find remote start weird anyway... I mean, when do you want to restart? After recompiling or an upgrade... Since it's such a "dangerous" command I would never try to do a restart a leaf from my main hub or something, but just (since I'm already logged into the shell) restart it from my shell or from the server itself.
Ah well, you get the point ;p.


2004-02-06 01:02

reporter   ~0004889

Lol yeah but good point bout the syntax cm and good point syzops :P ne way , o yeah i needed to correct the email i sent to ya CodeMastr. Take out the alpha part lol..


2004-02-06 20:16

reporter   ~0004892

The more I'm thinking about remote /restart the more I'm realizing it is not possible to have this working correctly. Example:

I want to /restart with a reason of " is restarting"

So I type:
/restart is restarting

That is parsed, the server says " is a server" and therefore forwards it along (to itself) but once it gets it it now recognizes that "" is a server and therefore says "is restarting" is the reason rather than " is restarting"

The problem gets worse. The server finding function all searches by nickname (this is why /whois nick nick works).

So I want to use a reason of "this server is restarting for an upgrade" to restart

However, there is a user with nick "this" on As a result, it detects "this" as being a user on and detects this as a remote restart of rather than a restart of So now server2 restarts instead of server1.

Furthermore, what happens if the server doesn't come back? Say you have ftp access to server2 so you download the unrealircd.conf, make a change that requires a restart, then reupload the unrealircd.conf. Now you /restart server2.* but, you had a typo in your changes. So disconnects, but when it begins to restart it detects a config error and dies. Now server2 is gone and won't be back until someone with shell access comes on.

Unless someone can convince me of a very good reason why remote /restart is needed, I think I'm going to remove support for this.


2004-02-06 21:10

reporter   ~0004894

I don't know many of them, but if you change certain settings in configuration, you must restart the server to bring them to effect. For example, when you change server names, numerics or cloak keys. Remote restarting is useful in these situations, however they are quite rare. Another idea: to remove permanent modules. :-)

People shouldn't restart their servers if they know they have a risk that the server might not connect back to the network. That's why they should use /rehash first. (I do so.)


2004-02-06 21:15

reporter   ~0004896

By the way, I think remote /restart and /die are only for the lazy people or those who have only FTP access. I won't disagree if you remove the support for remote restarting at all.


2004-02-07 06:07

reporter   ~0004898

Yes there are instances it will be useful, but I personally can't think of any that happen all the time. Plus the way I see it is, if 1 server gets restarted just 1 time accidentily, then that is 1 time too many. I've personally never used remote /restart myself, and I really can't think of any situations where people really would need to other than the instance of I need to change me::name and all I have is FTP access. But how often does that scenario occur?


2004-02-11 03:48

reporter   ~0004967

As of .2089, remote restart support has been removed due to several security issues that can arise and really can't be addressed.

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