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0005698unrealircdpublic2020-06-27 21:34
ReporterAdanaran Assigned Tosyzop  
Status acknowledgedResolutionopen 
Product Version5.0.4 
Summary0005698: Voiced users bypass +b ~T:block and +b ~T:censor
DescriptionWe upgraded from unreal 4 to 5 a few days ago and since then voiced users are able to bypass +b ~T:block and +b ~T:censor modes. This is not listed in the changelog and seems to be a regression. Some of our ~T:block have special characters, some have not. Both seem to be bypassable.
Steps To Reproduce/mode #chan +b ~T:block:*test*

send "test" with an unvoiced user, gets blocked.
give voice
send "test" with a voiced user, does not get blocked.
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3rd party modules



2020-06-03 06:57

reporter   ~0021606

That's not a bug, but it's by design in UnrealIRCd. If you want to stop voiced users to bypass those bans, you could try to install the third party module *banfix_voice* with:

./unrealircd module install third/banfix_voice

Note: this command should be executed in the shell, inside the unrealircd folder.

Some more info about the third party module:


2020-06-03 17:41

reporter   ~0021607

This should probably make it into the changelog then, as it is a significant change of behavior from 4.x.


2020-06-05 17:01

administrator   ~0021608

There are indeed pro's and cons and I can see why it behaves that way currently, BUT.. I have to say, for me too this behavior is not what I would expect for ~T. I will look into changing it.


2020-06-27 21:34

reporter   ~0021653

Any news on this?

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