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0005709unrealircdpublic2020-07-14 19:33
Reporterk4be Assigned Tosyzop  
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Product Version5.0.5.1 
Fixed in Version5.0.6 
Summary0005709: Invalid batch tags when using @label-ed HISTORY command
DescriptionI'm not sure how this should work, but certainly there shouldn't be multiple `batch` tag key values (the third reply or fourth line).
← @label=xxx history #testtest
→ @label=xxx BATCH +PbZCD0QZGMMHQwa7KU5Y4V labeled-response
→ @batch=PbZCD0QZGMMHQwa7KU5Y4V BATCH +2CrEHYl23nQnHSS4KOolGT chathistory #testtest
→ @batch=PbZCD0QZGMMHQwa7KU5Y4V;batch=2CrEHYl23nQnHSS4KOolGT;time=2020-06-12T13:56:03.465Z;msgid=i5gz6M8Qw0hWThWnCyJQFa :[email protected] PRIVMSG #testtest :7
→ @batch=2CrEHYl23nQnHSS4KOolGT;time=2020-06-12T13:56:05.306Z;msgid=n9AFDtvL1QSpclJltL9WX9 :[email protected] PRIVMSG #testtest :8
→ @batch=2CrEHYl23nQnHSS4KOolGT;time=2020-06-12T13:56:07.204Z;msgid=mvIN1kI7vzGbFSNhPFpsIU :[email protected] PRIVMSG #testtest :9
→ @batch=2CrEHYl23nQnHSS4KOolGT;time=2020-06-12T13:57:03.058Z;msgid=hB4gDSv82uoLYgbLXcqZkq :[email protected] PRIVMSG #testtest :y
→ @batch=2CrEHYl23nQnHSS4KOolGT;time=2020-06-12T13:57:05.062Z;msgid=UbcH5fYYaJV2qpQORjuxCe :[email protected] PRIVMSG #testtest :z
Steps To ReproduceCreate a channel, set +H and store some history entries. Then do:
cap req :labeled-response batch server-time message-tags
@label=xxx history #testtest
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3rd party modules



2020-06-12 17:59

administrator   ~0021629

Last edited: 2020-06-12 18:00

It should have removed the other batch tag, so:

Should have become:

Probably not so hard to fix.


2020-07-14 19:33

administrator   ~0021664

Fixed, thanks for the report.. seems it only showed up with the HISTORY command and not in history on join, so I didn't notice it before...

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