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0005712unrealircdpublic2021-11-01 10:36
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Fixed in Version5.0.9-rc1 
Summary0005712: U6: extendable connect notices
DescriptionIn U4 we changed to an universal format so we no longer needed HCN for BOPM/HOPM.
Nowadays, those are only used by a marginal amount of users (like k4be :D). On the other hand, several users have asked for more information in the format.
Presumably there is a way to still have BOPM/HOPM parse the notice out of the box, while still extending it in a nice way with additional information. Eg:
*** Client connecting: nick (user@hostname) [IP] [class] [secure XYZ] [other stuff] [more other stuff]
Module-wise I would like to see the ability for modules to add parts, such as "Country: NL" (or the long version) and "SASL: accountname", etc.
Something like that would be quite easy in a hook I think. I would suggest to let modules add their string via a string return value, and let the core deal with adding the brackets and concatting the values together.

This feature is just something small but simple that may provide opers with more information, especially when unknown people are connecting or under an attack.
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2021-03-08 10:54

administrator   ~0021906

Implemented in 5.0.9:

commit 1baf5f9f7d265caa3a47bc2d582a37abf714cad8
Author: Bram Matthys <>
Date: Sun Jan 31 18:28:28 2021 +0100

    Show reputation score and some other info in "Client connecting"
    notices to IRCOps and in ircd.log.
    See the release notes for more details.
    Module coders:
    You can use HOOKTYPE_CONNECT_EXTINFO to add your own additional
    information as well. See get_connect_extinfo() for inspiration.
    Use nvplist_add() or nvplist_add_fmt() to easily add your info
    to the list.
    Module coders II:
    Small note: this moves the sending of the far connect notice
    to /under/ HOOKTYPE_REMOTE_CONNECT instead of /above/.

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