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0005730unrealircdpublic2020-08-02 15:06
ReporterDjSxX Assigned Tosyzop  
Status confirmedResolutionopen 
Product Version5.0.5.1 
Summary0005730: Registered users bypass textban
DescriptionI would like to report that extban/textban is not working at all on version

[30-07-2020][11:20:10] * Stanley sets mode: +b ~T:block:*test*
[30-07-2020][11:20:17] <Stenly> test

Even when I unloaded and reloaded the module in its config, the ban will be bypassed
Steps To Reproducenvt
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3rd party modulesthird/operpasswd, third/signore, third/showwebirc



2020-07-30 12:33

reporter   ~0021675

I cannot reproduce it, are you sure the nickname that is trying to say "test" is not a IRC Operator but a regular user?


2020-07-30 12:38

reporter   ~0021676

The nick Stenly is a non-ircop, he is voiced though, but even when not voiced he still can say test


2020-07-30 21:02

reporter   ~0021677

This is what happens in my network:

<PeGaSuS> I am a kamikaze
-- Mode #spamtest [+b ~T:block:*kamikaze*] by James
<~James> !op PeGaSuS
-- Mode #spamtest [+o PeGaSuS] by ChanServ
<@PeGaSuS> I am a kamikaze
<~James> !down PeGaSuS
-- Mode #spamtest [-o PeGaSuS] by ChanServ
<~James> !voice PeGaSuS
-- Mode #spamtest [+v PeGaSuS] by ChanServ
<+PeGaSuS> I am a kamikaze
<~James> !down PeGaSuS
-- Mode #spamtest [-v PeGaSuS] by ChanServ
<PeGaSuS> I am a kamikaze
-- #spamtest: Message blocked due to a text ban (#spamtest)

The user PeGaSuS at the time wasn't logged in (I've issued the /ns logout command).

If the user has op/voice it bypasses the textblock extban, otherwise the message is blocked.

Is this a bug or its like this by design?

IMHO, if a textblock extban is set, no one (except opers probably) should be able to bypass it, despite the channel status.



2020-07-30 21:05

reporter   ~0021678

Edit to the above note:
If the user is logged in, even without any status in the channel (normal user), the textblock extban is bypassed.

Looks like a bug :)


2020-07-30 21:07

reporter   ~0021679

Edit 2:

This happens after I identify to my main account:

[21:03:15] Mode #spamtest +qo PeGaSuS PeGaSuS by &ChanServ
[21:03:20] <~PeGaSuS> !down
[21:03:20] Mode #spamtest -oq PeGaSuS PeGaSuS by &ChanServ
[21:03:26] <PeGaSuS> I am a kamikaze


2020-08-02 14:28

administrator   ~0021687

So if the user is identified to services, he can bypass ~T:block ? Can you confirm DjSxX by checking with a registered and with an unregistered nick?
(And indeed ircop bypasses, and +vhoaq too I believe, this is normal)


2020-08-02 14:35

reporter   ~0021688

[02-08-2020][14:30:00] * Stanley sets mode: +b ~T:block:*test*
[02-08-2020][14:30:15] <Testert> test <-- voiced user (not logged in)
[02-08-2020][14:30:32] * TattooBot sets mode: -v Testert
[02-08-2020][14:30:35] Testert:test
 Message blocked due to a text ban (#TattooJukebox)
NickServ:Wachtwoord aanvaard - je wordt nu herkend.
[02-08-2020][14:30:42] Testert:Test <-- logged in to services

So when logged in to services, textban will be overwritten when devoiced
When not logged, +v users (logged in or not) will bypass the textban
While in U4 version of this textban even +vh users could not bypass the textban.


2020-08-02 15:06

administrator   ~0021689

I have changed the title of this bug to "Registered users bypass textban". This is a strange bug, it was not intended to let registered users bypass ~T.

As for the +v behavior, that is tracked at 0005698.

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