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0005733unrealircdpublic2020-08-24 17:55
ReporterGof Assigned Tosyzop  
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Product Version5.0.5 
Summary0005733: disallow character 0x7F in channel names
DescriptionIt is possible to create a channel with 0x7F character in its name (ASCII "DEL"). This character does not show up in irssi (I haven't tried other clients) and it's misleading. Despite RFC 1459 and RFC 2812 implicitly allowing this character, I believe it shouldn't be allowed.
Steps To Reproduce1. Install python 3.x and irc3 library
2. Download this script:
3. Adjust hostname and port
4. Run it
5. In another client, do /whois on test7f; it should show #7ftest1 and #7ftest2
6. Check if these channels exist (/list #7ftest*); only #7ftest1 should show up
3rd party modules



2020-07-31 14:06

reporter   ~0021680

Not reproduceable with other clients. Tested with AdiIRC beta of 24/07/2020 as well as IRCCloud both show the channel in /LIST . Check for options that may determine the list output e.g. /set *list* if that does not help try #irssi @


2020-08-24 17:54

administrator   ~0021721

I agree we could block that character, decimal 127, I don't think allowing it makes much sense, I'll set the issue to acknowledged (as for feature request).

If you want something even more safe, then have a look at and consider using 'ascii' on your network.

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