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0005744unrealircdpublic2020-08-21 09:12 Assigned Tosyzop  
Status closedResolutionno change required 
Product Version5.0.3 
Summary0005744: TAGMSG pops up every time an IRCCloud user tries to send a message.
DescriptionWhenever an IRCCloud user tries to send a message, they get a popup. Cicking the popup allows them to continue, till the next message, etc.
Steps To Reproduce1. Sign up for an IRC Cloud account at
2. Connect to any server running 5.0.5 (Or probably above.)
3. Join any channel.
4. Send a message.
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3rd party modules


2020-08-20 21:52


1597952247.JPG (61,432 bytes)


2020-08-20 21:59

developer   ~0021708

This may appear because there are 4.x servers on your network.

2020-08-21 01:36

reporter   ~0021709

Verified that is indeed the case. Upgraded the 4.x server.


2020-08-21 08:22

administrator   ~0021710

I hope you can report it to IRCCloud as well. I highly doubt it was their intention to do have such a popup for every message :D


2020-08-21 08:34

developer   ~0021713

The 4.x server replies with 421 to each TAGMSG received, so the client displays it. Don't think this is incorrect.


2020-08-21 09:03

administrator   ~0021714

I understand, but doing a popup each time is not correct behavior, I'm sure the IRCCloud devs will agree, they just need to be aware of the issue :D


2020-08-21 09:12

administrator   ~0021715

No change needed on the UnrealIRCd-side, anyway.
Thanks for the report and good you solved the issue. I have added the behavior in the "Running a mixed network" wiki (which probably nobody reads anyway, but hey!).
Again, I suggest you to report to IRCCloud as well, personally I would just ignore all TAGMSG errors, but for sure get rid of the popup... most likely it was never their intention to have such a popup in this case.

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