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0005756unrealircdpublic2020-09-27 19:49
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Product Version5.0.6 
Summary0005756: Configuration ability to change MODES=12 to more or less

I love the way that someone can change the maxbans and i suggest if there is any possible way to see a configuration setting under "set {}" block for changing the maxmodes too.

Minimum: 1
Maximum: 100 or what ever can be the max


set { maxmodes 20; }

- Thanks!
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2020-09-27 19:49

administrator   ~0021769

I don't think this is feasible due to technical reasons. Enlarging it breaks not only RFC1459 but will also severly break any older UnrealIRCd server and possibly other software that links in. I don't think that is worth it. So then that only leaves the option to lower it below 12.... well.. it seems nobody has an interest in that, so that isn't very useful either.
So I'm afraid I will have to close the issue.

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