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0005774unrealircdpublic2020-10-30 19:37
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Summary0005774: Add a reason and ID to "Forbidding Q-lined" message
Description"Forbidding Q-lined nick xxx from [yyy]." message should be extended to include a reason and its ID, to be able to easily locate it using "/os sqline view" command.

It should look like this:
"Forbidding Q-lined nick xxx from [yyy] - Reason (ID: zzz)."

To achieve that, in modules/nick.c change:

sendto_snomask(SNO_QLINE, "Forbidding Q-lined nick %s from %s.",
                nick, get_client_name(cptr, FALSE));


sendto_snomask(SNO_QLINE, "Forbidding Q-lined nick %s from %s - %s.",
                nick, get_client_name(cptr, FALSE), tklban->ptr.nameban->reason);
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2020-10-30 19:37

administrator   ~0021824

Yeah, makes sense to include the reason indeed. (as for ID, that is up to anope to store in the reason of course)

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