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0005775unrealinstallingpublic2023-09-09 09:52
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Product Version5.0.7 
Summary0005775: ./Config will copy modules from previous install even if a newer one exists with the same name
DescriptionAs the title implies, while it is quite useful that ./Config can import settings/modules from a previous install, it does not check for existing modules, and will overwrite even a newer version of the same module without warning or confirmation.
Steps To Reproduce- download older unrealircd version, e.g 5.0.4
- place custom 3rd party module in src/modules/third/
- configure and build 5.0.4
- download 5.0.7
- place newer version of 3rd party module in src/modules/third/, with the same name as used in 5.0.4
- configure
=> the newer version of the module is overwritten with the older version taken from the 5.0.4 source directory
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3rd party modules


has duplicate 0006333 closedsyzop Please check current module version before overwriting modules 



2020-10-12 18:28

administrator   ~0021812

The current module manager works like this: if the sha256sum of the .c file on disk does not match the one that is advertised in the repository (so the online version), then it will fetch and compile the online version.
Indeed, it is quite dumb, it does not do anything smart like comparing versions or dates or whatever.
Some people mentioned but nobody bothered to report it yet, thanks :D


2020-10-12 18:31

reporter   ~0021813

Is there no such provision for manually installed 3rd party modules? Because a simple "if exists, warn" kind of check would be enough :)

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