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0005804unrealircdpublic2021-01-12 17:10
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Product Version5.0.4 
Summary0005804: Problem with the way name changes and dcc connections are handeled.
DescriptionI have discovered an issue with name changes and dcc connections. I have an eggdrop bot on my ircd. If my eggdrop bot changes names after it connects to the network dcc connections become unavailable. It will refuse dcc chat connections. If I make the bot reconnect to the server with the new name everything works normally. If it changes names dcc connections become unavailable until it can reconnect to the server. DCC connections are only available with the name you connect to the network with.
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2021-01-12 16:36

reporter   ~0021873

Does this occur before or after you've established the DCC connection?


2021-01-12 16:54

reporter   ~0021874

I have only noticed this happen before a dcc connection is established.


2021-01-12 16:58

administrator   ~0021875

I seriously doubt this is an UnrealIRCd issue. Sounds more like a client issue.


2021-01-12 17:06

reporter   ~0021876

It is definitely not a client issue. I am able to reproduce the issue when I connect to the network with mIRC and change names, I am unable to establish a dcc chat connection unless I reconnect to the server with the new nick.


2021-01-12 17:10

reporter   ~0021877

or change back to the nick I joined the server with.

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