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0005818unrealircdpublic2021-02-23 00:17
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Product Version5.0.8 
Summary0005818: [Feature Request]: Bypass +H chanmode on BOTS (+B) (configurable)
DescriptionHaving a bot that reading the channel text messages is hard to stop +H on join especially if bot using a lot of join catching events, i think a configurable option for this to solve it would be nice.

Also bots can use /HISTORY command anytime if they want to view the channel history.

Configurable Example:

set {
        history {
                channel {
                        /* How many lines to playback on join? */
                        playback-on-join {
                                disable-on-bots yes; // <--------------------
                                lines 15;
                                time 1d;
                        /* How much history to keep. These are the
                         * upper maximums for channel mode +H lines:time
                        max-storage-per-channel {
                                lines 200;
                                time 1w;
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2021-02-16 21:07

reporter   ~0021894

Instead `disable-on-bots` probably something simpler such as `ignore-bots <yes|no>;` or `ignore-umode B;`.

I do like this idea though.



2021-02-23 00:17

reporter   ~0021895

++ ! :)

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