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Summary0005819: Problem +typing and mode +R on user

I have implemented the "+typing" on my client, it works fine. It is only active in private messages.

I noticed a bug, or it is not a bug, in this case if it is not a bug, then the behavior is weird.

Steps To Reproduce1) Open two clients (nick1 and nick2)
2) On nick2 put the +R
3) With nick1, write to nick2 but do not send the message

The problem is that we receive a raw which indicates that the +R is set to nick2, suddenly nick1 receives a raw which indicates that the +R is set to the user nick2 and only with typing without having sent the message. Is this normal?
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2021-03-07 11:45

administrator   ~0021903

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If you send a TAGMSG to a user that is +R and you are not registered, then yes you will get a blocked message:
@+typing=active TAGMSG c5668 531 c5667 c5668 :You must identify to a registered nick to private message this user

Just like with a PRIVMSG:
PRIVMSG c5668 hai 531 c5667 c5668 :You must identify to a registered nick to private message this user

To my knowledge that is how it should be. The IRCv3 spec at says:
"This message MUST be delivered to targets in the same way as PRIVMSG and NOTICE messages. This means for example, honouring channel membership, modes, echo-message, STATUSMSG prefixes, etc.".
So that means the same logic and implies the same type of error messages.

What to do with these messages is up to you as a client developer though, I can imagine you want to hide them and/or show in the PM window something like "This user cannot receive messages" or something more descriptive (just once, not like 3 times for every keystroke).

Was that your question/problem? Or something else?

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