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0005820unrealircdpublic2021-03-07 08:50
Reporterarmyn Assigned Tosyzop  
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Product Version5.0.8 
Fixed in Version5.0.9-rc1 
Summary0005820: /Eline bugging with the spamfilter or it's me who doesn't know how to use it
DescriptionSyntax: /ELINE <user@host> <bantypes> <expiry-time> <reason>
    Or: /ELINE <extserverban> <bantypes> <expiry-time> <reason>
- Valid bantypes are:
- k: K-Line G: G-Line
- z: Z-Line Z: Global Z-Line
- Q: Q-Line
- s: Shun
- F: Spamfilter
- b: Blacklist checking
- c: Connect flood (bypass set::anti-flood::connect-flood))
- d: Unknown data flood (no ZLINE on too much data before registration)
- m: Bypass allow::maxperip restriction
- r: Bypass antirandom module
- 8: Bypass antimixedutf8 module
- v: Bypass ban version { } blocks
- Examples:
- /ELINE * kGf 0 This user is exempt
- /ELINE ~S:1234567890abcdef1234567890abcdef1234567890abcdef1234567890abcdef kGf 0 Trusted user with this certificate fingerprint
- -

For example if I type this:
Steps To Reproduce1) I execute: /spamfilter add -regex cp shun 20s Spam_interdit test123
2) I execute: /eline ~a:nick1 F 0 This user is exempt
3) nick1 send this message "test123" and it shuns but it is not excepted, it can no longer write

Eline command does not work with spamfilter
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2021-03-01 13:46

reporter   ~0021896

I can confirm the issue.

[01/03/2021-13:37:55] *** Permanent Exception added for ~a:Test for types 'F' on Mon Mar  1 12:37:55 2021 GMT (from James!James@PTirc/Users/James: Eline test)
[01/03/2021-13:38:52] [Spamfilter] Test!weechater@<redacted> matches filter '*mediadoka*': [PRIVMSG #spamtest: 'this is a mediadoka spamfilter test'] [Spam/Flood/Advertising/Other abuses]

The user is, however, registered and identified:
[01/03/2021-13:39:28] [Test] (weechater@PTirc/Users/Test): Weechat User
[01/03/2021-13:39:28] [Test] is using modes +iwrxztIB 
[01/03/2021-13:39:28] [Test] is connecting from weechater@<redacted> <redacted>
[01/03/2021-13:39:28] [Test] is identified for this nick
[01/03/2021-13:39:28] [Test] @#spamtest #Software 
[01/03/2021-13:39:28] [Test] :PTirc IRC Network
[01/03/2021-13:39:28] [Test] is using a Secure Connection
[01/03/2021-13:39:28] [Test] is a Bot on PTirc
[01/03/2021-13:39:28] [Test] is using an IP with a reputation score of 10000
[01/03/2021-13:39:28] [Test] connected from France (FR), Europe
[01/03/2021-13:39:28] [Test] is logged in as Test
[01/03/2021-13:39:28] [Test] idle 00:00:36, signon: Mon Mar  1 13:15:58
[01/03/2021-13:39:28] [Test] End of WHOIS list.


2021-03-07 08:50

administrator   ~0021898

Funny, there was never any code added to check for exceptions of type 'F'. A smallll oversight on my part :D.
Thanks for the report, fixed now and will be in 5.0.9.

commit 1854bfffd0c099a646f52176a0446c6cf87b1ea3 (HEAD -> unreal50, origin/unreal50)
Author: Bram Matthys <[email protected]>
Date: Sun Mar 7 08:46:24 2021 +0100

    ELINE and except ban for type 'F' (spamfilter) were not working.
    Reported by armyn in

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