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0005845unrealircdpublic2021-03-28 09:09
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Product Version5.0.9 
Summary0005845: Extend Spamfilter Configuration to block messages matching an entry in the spamfilter except from users with a specific usermode
DescriptionAs we face some rather severe issues with spambots we would like to be able to block messages matching an entry in the spamfilter if they are e.g. not registered with services (+r) of have another configurable usermode.

Maybe the spamfilter set except block can be enhanced to accomplish that or some kind of other config option can be introduced.

Feel free to ask if anything is not clear.
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2021-03-28 09:09

administrator   ~0021929

As for your question:
You can add the spamfilter with a soft action. So instead of block you would use soft-block, instead of gline you use soft-gline, etc
As long as the user is identified to services the action won't be triggered.
See for the full list.

General advice (you may already do this, just mentioning it.. since these are powerful tools):
* Be sure to use the recommended blacklists included in the default conf, also listed here as an example:
* Also, this block is often of help, people restricting LIST or delaying other things for low reputation and unregistered users (eg private-message):
* And of course, in case of a drone attack ConnThrottle will kick in. But that is more for drones and won't help you with the occasional spambot.

Hope it helps :)

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