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0005910unrealircdpublic2023-03-22 10:51
Reporterji Assigned Tosyzop  
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
PlatformLinuxOSUbuntuOS Version20.04 LTS
Product Version5.0.9 
Fixed in Version6.0.7 
Summary0005910: IRCd returning invalid host error then setting invalid oper-block vhost
DescriptionSo far only tested on two different PissNet servers linked together. When using color codes within in the oper-block vhost directive the IRCd will return *** /SetHost Error: A hostname may only contain a-z, A-Z, 0-9, '-' & '.' when using /oper. The IRCd then sets the supposedly invalid vhost anyways.

I would either expect no error and the host to be set, or the error to show up and no host to be set.
Steps To ReproduceMake an oper block for yourself on a freshly compiled UnrealIRCD including a vhost with color codes within that oper block, then /oper which will show the error. You can /whois yourself to verify wether the vhost is set or not.
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2021-06-14 07:26

administrator   ~0022001

Thanks for the report, indeed this should not be permitted. There are probably a bit more around of these, but they should be fixed too.

I may wait do it post-release though as it is indeed (as you already noted) a low priority item.


2023-03-22 10:51

administrator   ~0022806

Thanks, fixed now so it is rejected both on the server with the oper { } block and on the remote side (latter was already the case)

commit e83c610b39f6f18cc61c356993b53b05ebfb4158 (HEAD -> unreal60_dev, origin/unreal60_dev, origin/HEAD)
Author: Bram Matthys <[email protected]>
Date: Wed Mar 22 10:24:41 2023 +0100

    Add valid_vhost() and validate oper::vhost too just like vhost::vhost.
    Actually make them both use this same function, even thought he original
    vhost::vhost check was a bit more informational.
    This also checks the vhost in other paths that lead to oper vhost setting.
    Reported by ji in

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