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0005915unrealircdpublic2021-06-16 09:39
Reporterave Assigned Tosyzop  
Status closedResolutionduplicate 
Product Version5.2.0 
Fixed in Version5.2.0.1 
Summary0005915: spamfilter target "p" also applies to messages sent to channels
DescriptionI've noticed an odd behavior with the spamfilter target "p" when trying to mitigate pm spam on pissnet earlier.

spamfilter target "p", which is described in the wiki ( as "Private message (user -> user)" also applies to messages sent to channels. My understanding is that p should only apply to pms, and c should apply to messages sent to channels.

I have managed to reproduce this issue on a fresh, isolated 5.2.0 setup with no addons.
Steps To Reproduce- Add a spam filter with target p (such as "/spamfilter add -simple p kill - confirmed_bug test")
- Trigger said spam filter in a channel (such as "/msg #help test")
- Observe that the spam filter applies the action to the user.
Additional Information*** Spamfilter added: 'test' [type: simple] [target: p] [action: kill] [reason: confirmed bug] on Tue Jun 15 19:32:32 2021 GMT (from ave!
[Spamfilter] thelounge70!thelounge@redacted matches filter 'test': [PRIVMSG #lavatech: 'test'] [confirmed bug]
*** Client exiting: thelounge70 (thelounge@redacted) [re.da.ct.ed] (confirmed bug)
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3rd party modules



2021-06-16 00:22

reporter   ~0022011

Just tried out the patch from 5913, which seems to also fix this problem. I did initially see that but didn't think it'd affect this. Apologies, please feel free to close this issue.


2021-06-16 08:12

administrator   ~0022012

Thanks for the report, and you are right, I need to mention the reverse case (this case) as well :D


2021-06-16 09:39

administrator   ~0022013

Released and the existing 5.2.0 users can now use: ./unrealircd hot-patch wrongspamfilter520

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