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0005919unrealinstallingpublic2021-07-03 14:41
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Product Version5.2.0 
Summary0005919: ./unrealircd module upgrade doesn't display all successfully upgraded modules

I saw a random issue that when someone pushed on unrealircd/contrib some modules updates then i use "./unrealircd module upgrade" and instead to display 3 of them that have been updated it displayed only 1 but the strange part is that 3 of them have been upgraded successfully.

Console Log:

- Thanks!
Steps To Reproduce1. Push some modules upgrades on unrealircd/contrib
2. Use ./unrealircd module upgrade
3. Check console to see how many modules have been upgraded
4. Check on IRC /module to see if match.
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3rd party modules



2021-07-03 14:41

reporter   ~0022080

Something extra related.

In the following log, you are gonna see that i first did "./unrealircd module list" and as you can see there, there are 3 modules marked as "inst/UPD" that means need update, after that a command "./unrealircd module upgrade" used to update these modules, the issue is that in the console showing only the first updating module data and not the others and in the final result report it says 1 module(s) has been upgraded.


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