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Summary0005985: How to deal with people who bypass bans in IPv6 even 12 year olds do it and without intentionally bypassing

I noticed that in glines this:

/gline *@2a01:xxx:1b4:60:xxxx:a88a:f16:1

then the user often returns very quickly to the IRC server with this ip:




etc ...

How to make UnrealIRCd able to glide the first 4 tracks:
as soon as you type /gline *@2a01:xxx:1b4:60:xxxx:a88a:f16:1

is there an easy way to do this via UnrealIRCd?

Also I heard that an IPv6 works like this:


that AAAA:AAAA:AAAA:AAAA is the equivalent of the public IP
and that P:P:P:P is like the local ip prive

Is it true ?

So 2 devices under the same box, it will therefore have 2 different ipv6: AAAA:AAAA:AAAA:AAAA:P:P:P:P1 and AAAA: AAAA:AAAA:AAAA:P:P:P:P2

and in reality we should therefore always ban AAAA:AAAA:AAAA: AAAA:* and never AAAA:AAAA:AAAA:AAAA:P:P:P:P ?

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