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0006006unrealircdpublic2021-11-21 07:55
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Summary0006006: Emoji support in nicks
DescriptionIt would be nice if unreal supported emoji in nicks. pissnet patched charsys already to that effect, so if it's something you are interested in shipping upstream, you apply changes from
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2021-11-20 18:32

administrator   ~0022199

Last edited: 2021-11-20 18:33

Oh, when you mentioned this, I was expecting just unicode ranges being added like how it works for all (other) languages. And then.. we could think about allowing that, as it is not intrusive and is purely opt-in.
But... now I see quite a lot of code for it and changing all the unicode stuff :(


2021-11-21 07:48

administrator   ~0022200

Last edited: 2021-11-21 07:55

Alright, I told you to submit it here to start a discussion. Well, that worked, although it was all on IRC instead of here.

Let's not do this. As can be seen by the discussion on IRC this one goes too far. And from a patch POV the changes are too intrusive for something like this (but understandable).
I am going stick with the earlier decision from 2018:
'we try to pick characters/symbols that are "language" so to say, and not symbols like in math or smileys/emoticons and so on.'
So.. no toilet pots in nicks, sorry :D.

As someone pointed out, the display-name tag would be more suitable for this. That one is stalled (mostly waiting for actions on my end) at

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