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0006027unrealircdpublic2021-12-22 17:13
Reporterarmyn Assigned Tosyzop  
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Product Version6.0.0 
Fixed in Version6.0.1 
Summary0006027: Small details spotted in whois and
DescriptionHere are 2 small details that are probably poorly organized:

- In the whois, in the raw 344 there is this: "344 Test free31 FR :is connecting from France" - And I find that the "FR" in front of the ":" is not well placed here, or then leave it here but also add it at the end just after "France" so that it gives: "344 Test free31 FR :is connecting from France (FR)" - For questions from args. irc framework from kiwiirc example reads this: "is connecting from France". It is not able to recover the "FR" at the beginning.

- In the "" in the spamfilter in "destination", the nickname has a space at the very beginning. It wouldn't bother me for the processing, I would just have to put a trim () when reading but it's still better to warn here in order to avoid putting trim() each time I do javascript

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2021-12-19 11:47

reporter   ~0022260

The first example looks correct to me. The colon is IRC syntax to say that everything after it is the same token, so the whole line should be interpreted as: command "344" with parameters: ["Test", "free31", "FR", "is connecting from France"]

See for details.


2021-12-19 13:17

reporter   ~0022264

ok @progval I made an update request to "irc framework":


2021-12-19 14:42

reporter   ~0022265

It shouldn't index parameters from the end, to allow extendability through adding more parameters before the trailing.


2021-12-20 08:44

reporter   ~0022266

@progval ok I updated:

I had not looked at this log before: = JSON.stringify(command.params); // response : Country: ["gentille","armyn","FR","is connecting from France"]


2021-12-22 17:12

administrator   ~0022280

Last edited: 2021-12-22 17:13

Regarding the 1st issue: as you found out by now: this is intended.

As for the 2nd issue: thanks, I have now removed the extra whitespace:
commit b98d02817aa516b1165f182491e62058502271fe (HEAD -> unreal60_dev)
Author: Bram Matthys <[email protected]>
Date: Wed Dec 22 17:09:35 2021 +0100

    In SPAMFILTER_MATCH log message, remove leading space in 'destination' JSON.
    Reported by armyn in

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