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0006034unrealircdpublic2022-01-07 12:38
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Product Version6.0.0 
Summary0006034: chanmode +f: support for action 'd' in floodtype 'm' (and maybe others)
DescriptionWhen trying to set /mode #chan +f [50m#d,20t#d]:10
it translates to [50m,20t#d]:10 even though 'd' is listed in /helpop chmodef as a valid option for 'm'
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2021-12-23 16:49

administrator   ~0022291

Ah, yeah, that's a documentation mistake for floodtype 'm'.

We could consider adding more action 'd' support, though, than just for floodtypes 't' and 'r'. It's basically a throttle at the specified value (X per Y), rather than taking an action after X per Y.
The downside of it is that it is less visible to everyone (including chanops) that things are being throttled/limited. So if your floodtype 'm' with action 'd' is too tight, the chanops may not notice that some messages are missing from users. That could be countered by sending a notice to the chanops about it, but that kinda contrasts with the silentless of the 'd' action.
We can think about it, though...


2022-01-07 12:38

administrator   ~0022362

commit 8536778bccb02b2b570bf405b6f7bdbf19c64d34 (HEAD -> unreal60_dev, origin/unreal60_dev)
Author: Bram Matthys <>
Date: Fri Jan 7 12:36:16 2022 +0100

    Don't mention action 'd' in HELPOP CHMODEF for floodtype 'm', as this
    is not supported at the moment.
    Reported by Valware in

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