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0006046unrealircdpublic2021-12-30 02:30
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PlatformlinuxOSubuntuOS Version20.04
Product Version6.0.1 
Summary0006046: /rehash <remoteserver> does not show the error(s) on current server
Descriptionhaving two servers (server1; server2).
giving out "/rehash server2" on server1 should give back the errors happening on rehash, right?

giving out the /rehash <server2> on server1 shows:

/../../unrealircd/conf/unrealircd.conf Rehashing
 -sever2- Loading IRCd configuration..


giving out /rehash or the same like one server1 (so on server2 using /rehash <server2>) shows:
/../../unrealircd/conf/unrealircd.conf Rehashing
-server2- config.CONFIG_INFO_GENERIC [info] Loading IRCd configuration..
-server2- config.DOWNLOAD_FAILED_HARD [error] /../../unrealircd/conf/spamfilter.conf:157: Failed to download 'https?://': Could not resolve host: https
-server2- config.CONFIG_NOT_LOADED [error] IRCd configuration failed to load


i think the errors should be shown on server1 too.


oper on server1:
Lord255 +ioprstwxzHIW
+bcdfkoqsvBCDOS Server notice mask

oper on server2:
lrd-test +iopstwxzHIW
+bcdfkoqsvBCOS Server notice mask

Steps To Reproducesee description, however:
make a mistake in one of the confs, so /rehash on the affected server shows the error, however giving out the /rehash command for a remote server, does not show the error(s).
Tags/rehash, unreal6
3rd party modules


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