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0006074unrealircdpublic2022-03-06 16:40
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PlatformlinuxOSubuntuOS Version20.04
Product Version6.0.2 
Summary0006074: /stats I shows port 6667 all the time, even if i don't have it in any listen blocks
Description/stats I shows port 6667 all the time, even if i don't have it in any listen blocks

I *.<mask> - 25 26 clients irc.<server> 6667
I - 10 11 clients irc.<server> 6667
I * - 3 4 clients irc.<server> 6667
End of /STATS report

see reason:

so that should be the redirect-port.
redirect-server is there, using as the default if none provided (so same server as the user is trying to connect), but the port is hardcoded to 6667 if no redirect-port is given.

also i would just rename those variables; it was misguiding me a little.
allows->server - redirect-server
allows->port - redirect-port
Steps To Reproduceuse /stats I (of course as an oper :))
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3rd party modulesdoesnt matter



2022-03-06 16:40

reporter   ~0022404

oh, i forgot to comment on this one, that i understand that, its 6667 cuz that's probably the default port for irc, but i think it should be 6697 from now on.
idk. but so this might not be a "bug" or "mistake".

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