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0006084unrealircdpublic2022-04-06 09:39
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Product Version6.0.3 
Summary0006084: Please allow '/AUTH'ing after connection handshake
DescriptionHi there!

Please could you add the ability for a user to be able to '/AUTH' after they have connected, instead of it being restricted to the authprompt module (before connect).

This is for completeness, as an emulation of SASL is still a SASL in this respect, and clients should still be able to take full use of the SASL mechanism as a form of identification using including this compatibility layer, as it is a very useful command.

Thanks for considering! Have a great week
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2022-04-06 09:39

administrator   ~0022440

I think your suggestion (idea) is fine :)

So then it comes down to how to do this, not just literally making it available post-connect, but also under the hood.... do we split authprompt up into two pieces (auth and authprompt), that does sound preferrable.. but only if it does not complicate things TOO much, and, yeah.. that kind of stuff. Don't really have time to think about that next couple of days though

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