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0006093unrealircdpublic2022-05-13 08:11
ReporterPeGaSuS Assigned Tosyzop  
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
PlatformLinuxOSUbuntuOS Version20.04
Product Version6.0.3 
Fixed in Version6.0.4-rc1 
Summary0006093: antirandom not showing all the details of the user
DescriptionRecently a user (probably a misconfigured bot of sorts) tried to to connect to my network several times in a row and kept getting the connection denied due to the antirandom module.

When the user tried to join this was the snotice I got sent to me:
antirandom.ANTIRANDOM_DENIED_USER [info] [antirandom] denied access to user with score 36: nsxjxnxx:

but according to, the $ information is missing in the snotice
Additional InformationCurrent antirandom configuration
loadmodule "antirandom";
@if module-loaded("antirandom")
set {
    antirandom {
        threshold 4;
        ban-action soft-gline;
        ban-time 4h;
        ban-reason "You look like a bot. Be sure to fill in your nick/ident/realname properly.";
        convert-to-lowercase yes;
        show-failedconnects yes;
        except-hosts {

            # IRCCloud
            mask 2a03:5180:f::/62;
            mask 2a03:5180:f:4::/63;
            mask 2a03:5180:f:6::/64;
        except-webirc yes;
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2022-05-13 08:10

administrator   ~0022479

Last edited: 2022-05-13 08:11

Thanks for the report. It should now show the same details in U6 as in U5 again:

[antirandom] denied access to user with score 82: [email protected]:zxcxcxcxzcxzxcxcxcxzcxzxcxcxcxzcx

commit 4a03943996c321b6d583eb9cdc79e798619fe859 (HEAD -> unreal60_dev, origin/unreal60_dev, origin/HEAD)
Author: Bram Matthys <[email protected]>
Date: Fri May 13 08:09:46 2022 +0200

    Fix antirandom log message when user is denied (only showed nick).
    Reported by PeGaSuS in

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