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0006098unrealircdpublic2022-05-13 08:14
ReporterBreaking Assigned Tosyzop  
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Product Version6.0.3 
Summary0006098: hideban module
DescriptionIs better to hide and kicks from simple users same as ban , need and status ban to be open only from ops & opers not from simple user to see how we added ban mask and change adress or nick alternative also when a user is ban in every mask need to block his change nick and when he have ban type 2 or 3 or other mask ban set
also and akill gzline gline zline kill sqline snline from simpler user and ops eyes in channel
in this way we blind abusers flooder who stay with second nick watching if the text come out or what mode we set on channel
so need and the mode channel we set ,to be hide from simple user without access in channel
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3rd party modules



2022-05-09 01:37

reporter   ~0022472

Check this out:


2022-05-13 08:14

administrator   ~0022480

The module musk points out will hide +beI mode changes and +b/+e/+I lists from non-chanops.

Other than that, it sounds like what you want is something too far fetched for me. It would require lots of ugly code everywhere and I don't agree with it being that useful, sorry.

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