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0006115unrealircdpublic2022-06-05 08:51
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Product Version6.0.3 
Summary0006115: feature request: autojoin delay to prevent host change message
DescriptionCurrently some users have vhosts requested via anope's hostserv.
The problem is unrealircd's autojoin is too fast that anope doesn't get the chance to change the hostname fast enough.
I tried setting the password on connect or even auth via SASL.
With password on connect there are 3 lines ( connect, authed, host changed). With SASL just connect and host change.
So I see the user connecting with one ip ( even if it is cloaked ) then another one that says it changed its host.
A way to avoid this would be a small delay on the autojoin ?
Steps To Reproducehave a username with vhost via anope's operserv
set-up autojoin in the ircd
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2022-05-27 01:22

reporter   ~0022525

Just an idea but a temporary solution for you would be to remove all "JOIN" commands from your "Perform on Connect" area, and use Anopes AJOIN feature: /NS AJOIN ADD <channel>

Another idea is to put in a delay in your "Perform" box, so it has chance to Identify the user before they join channels (I use mIRC for example with this line: .timer 1 10 /Join #Unreal-Support


2022-05-27 01:33

reporter   ~0022526

Yes autojoin (and the one for Staff autojoin) would be good with maybe a 30-40 second delay so that these sorts of things can be done beforehand


2022-05-27 08:46

reporter   ~0022528

Thanks for the fast reply!
I did think at all of those, I do have them set for myself.

I wasn't referring to me but the rest of the users who don't have any perform.
Some of them aren't registered either and I don't want to impose that on them. They're not affected in any way.
Some of them use various kiwiirc or irccloud. It would be hard to start now and tell everybody to change or modify what they're doing since I relied on the autojoin feature for so long.
Not all are technical enough to understand.
That's why I was using unreal's autojoin. It was an easy way to just join.

The easier solution would without asking the rest of the "world" to do "backflips" is to change something where the autojoin is being done...


2022-05-27 09:23

reporter   ~0022531

Yes absolutely, Totally agree there

Additionally perhaps have a small user customizable delay, maybe even with a message "This network has autojoin enabled, You will be auto joined into channel #X in 30 seconds .."

for example:

auto-join { channel "#X"; timeout 30; }
oper-auto-join { channel "#Staff"; timeout 30; }

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