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0006122unrealircdpublic2022-06-01 08:57
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Product Version6.0.4-rc1 
Summary0006122: @if module-loaded() @endif doesn't working sometimes when unloading a module

It seems when you have @if module-loaded("module") @endif set under unrealircd.conf and you trying to unload a module after /REHASH ircd gives errors.

Example Errors (line 150 is the following configuration):

config.CONFIG_ERROR_GENERIC [error] /home/westor/unrealircd/conf/unrealircd.conf:150: unknown directive set::antirandom
config.CONFIG_ERROR_GENERIC [error] 1 errors encountered
config.CONFIG_ERROR_GENERIC [error] IRCd configuration failed to pass testing
config.CONFIG_NOT_LOADED [error] IRCd configuration failed to load

Example Configuration:

@if module-loaded("antirandom")
set {
    antirandom {
        threshold 5;

        ban-action zline;

        ban-time 5m;

        ban-reason "You look like a bot. Be sure to fill in your nick/ident/realname properly.";

        convert-to-lowercase yes;

        show-failedconnects yes;

        except {
            ip { 192.168.*; 127.*; }

- Thanks!
Steps To Reproduce1. Load antirandom module
2. Set the above configuration
3. Rehash
4. Unload antirandom
5. Rehash
6. Check that IRCd returns config errors
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2022-06-01 08:53

administrator   ~0022546

Last edited: 2022-06-01 08:57

Ah ok, you could be right indeed. I will look at it post-6.0.4 release because the config code is generally quite complex and I don't want to accidentally break the entire release for a bug that is probably around for a few years with no reports until now.

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